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The gateway to everything you want to know about Scotland’s environment

Scotland’s Environment Web aims to be a trusted gateway to everything you want to know about Scotland’s environment, bringing together information and data from a range of organisations involved in protecting and improving Scotland’s environment.

The website presents environmental information and data in an easily accessible form and adopts an innovative and dynamic approach to the provision of information.

The website is managed by Scotland’s Environment Web partnership, chaired by the Scottish Government.

Scotland's Environment Web provides access to information at a range of levels:

Search facilities that allow users to find data and reports on Scotland’s environment
More detailed information and data for those with a technical interest
Straight-forward descriptions of the condition of Scotland’s environment, its value, the threats it faces, and what is being done about these
The ability to look at information and data on maps
Information on how you can get involved in protecting and improving Scotland’s environment

Scotland’s Environment partners

More information about Scotland’s Environment Web partners

Scotland’s Environment family

Our related websites provide more detail on specific topics featured on Scotland’s Environment Web. There are two related websites currently available, focusing on aquaculture and soils.

LIFE+ project

LIFE+ Logo

LIFE+ is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU.

SEPA successfully applied to the LIFE+ Programme for matched funding to support Scotland's Environment Web Partnership initiative. A project with a total value of 4.8 million Euros commenced on September 1st 2011, for development of the Scotland's Environment Web Partnership and Website until August 2015.

More about the LIFE+ Project including Actions, Publications, Project News & Updates

How to use this website

How to use this website Scotland’s Environment has been designed to act as a ‘one-stop’ resource to access a variety of environmental information from reliable and trusted providers. Find out more on how to use and contribute to this website

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions Do you want to know which organisations are involved in the Scotland’s Environment partnership? Then hopefully those topics and more will be answered here amongst our frequently asked questions

User Journeys

User Journey Scotland’s Environment Web wants to take you on a journey to help you search and find what you are looking for, and to discover new information you didn’t know was available.