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Air quality

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Everything you need to know about air quality – in one place!

Air quality and health

Air Quality and Health

Did you know that cars, buses and lorries contribute significantly to Air Pollution which is bad for Health?

Air quality and citizen science

Air Quality and Citizen Science

We all have a part to play in maintain good air quality. This section contains information and reports on air quality citizen science projects.

Learning about air quality

Learning about Air Quality

A range of teaching materials are available to support schools in understanding more about air quality and getting involved in monitoring

Get Informed - air

Get Informed - Air

The quality of the air around us is affected by pollutants released into the atmosphere by human activities, such as transport and industry, as well as from natural sources. Take a look at Scotland's State of the environment assessment of Air.

Map view - air

Map View

Provides information of air activities in Scotland

Scottish air quality

Scottish Air Quality

Provides information on air quality in Scotland, with monitoring sites across Scotland providing near real-time air pollution levels at key locations.

Get Involved in air quality

Project Finder

It's really important for you to get involved in looking after the environment, because you are part of it, everything you need comes from it, and everything you do changes it.

Search for air projects in your area using the Project Finder

Get Learning - air

Get Learning - Air

Get Learning is an exciting new resource on Scotland’s Environment website, for learners and practitioners. Maps, data resources and useful links, all matched with Curriculum for Excellence levels and National Qualifications, will help you quickly find what you need for use in the classroom.