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March 2017

It's all about... our fabulous forests and wonderful woodlands
The recent International Day of Forests was a reason to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of forests of all types. And with 18% of land in Scotland covered by woodland, and our forests contributing significantly to the wellbeing of our economy, wildlife and our own lives, we certainly have good cause to celebrate.

September 2016

It's all about... our natural health service
Understanding this relationship between our environment and our health and wellbeing helps us to better manage our environment and shape how we work together to deal with environmental and human health issues.

June 2016

It's all about... our marine environment
All across the globe people have organised events and activities to celebrate and raise awareness of why we need to protect and conserve our oceans, seas and coastal waters.

May 2016

It's all about... our biodiversity
Scotland is renowned worldwide as being a place of outstanding natural beauty. We owe that reputation to the diverse range of Scotland’s biodiversity.

April 2016

It's all about... our historic environment
Mention 'Scotland' and 'history' to anyone and they'll no doubt have images of castles, kilted warriors and Nessie running through their minds. And while these are all notable parts of our heritage, they are by no means all we have to offer.

April 2016

It's all about YOU... and Science
As the Edinburgh International Science Festival launches another fabulous programme of events for young and old alike, running from 26 March - 10th April, this issue celebrates what we can all do to get involved with science.

March 2016

Love is in the air quality...
Fifty years on from the introduction of the Clean Air Act, air pollution is still one of the biggest environmental threats we face. Over the last few months it seems like air quality has never been out of the news.

February 2016

It's all about the waste ...
Waste - we all produce it, households and businesses alike. And while as a nation we might be starting to reduce the amount we produce and recycle more, waste is still a very real problem facing our environment.

January 2016

Putting Scotland in the forefront of information sharing, data visualisation and citizen engagement
In this digital age, Scotland’s Environment Web is leading the way in developing digital technologies which will help the public to find out more about Scotland’s environment. People expect more from information provision than simply reproducing books and publications on screen.

September 2015

Future funding support announced for Scotland’s Environment Web
We are delighted to announce that Scotland’s first data discovery web portal for the environment will continue to be supported by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and partners, once the European LIFE+ funding contribution concludes later this year.

May 2015

Scotland's Environment website launched on UN World Environment Day
On 5 June 2014 the new Scotland's Environment website went live. The relaunch includes the latest State of the Environment Report for Scotland which provides an assessment to the changes to Scotland's air, land and sea and what's being done towards maintaining or improving them.

June 2015

What's new for Scotland's Environment Web?
There have been some big changes to the Scotland’s Environment website. We are very pleased to announce the new look design of the homepage, where you can find information about the latest developments on the website along with news from our partners.

October 2013

Scotland's environment - the key issues
For the first time, the state of Scotland’s environment is being summarised by a range of expert panels. Groups of experts from across the Scotland's Environment Web partnership, NGO’s and academia are convening to discuss the state of the environment and what the main environmental issues facing Scotland are. These groups will make an assessment of the state of the environment and present them as easy to understand pictograms.

May 2013

A world first! Scotland's greenspace map available on Scotland's Environment Web
Scotland’s Greenspace Map is now available on SEWeb under the 'land' theme on the interactive map (please note that more detail is visible using the zoom in button). Scotland’s Greenspace Map is a world first; no other country has mapped its greenspace in this way. It is an innovative Geographical Information System (GIS) based map which provides comprehensive information on the location, extent and type of greenspace across all of Scotland’s urban settlements (i.e. towns and cities with a population of 3,000 or more).

December 2012

New map search tool coming soon
Scotland's Environment Web has created a new working partnership between Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Forestry Commission Scotland to develop a new interactive mapping tool on the Scotland's Environment Web website. This will allow anyone applying for land use grants and applications to abstract environmental information and data from multiple sources through an online map-based system.

September 2012