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Get Informed about the State of Scotland's Environment and the data that underpin the assessment.

State of Scotland's Environment

Indicators and data

Visitors to Scotland’s Environment Web will soon be able to see the underlying datasets that have been used to assess the State of Scotland’s environment (SoE).

The information will be arranged under the environmental topics of air, climate and weather, land, water and environmental management that will be familiar to users of Scotland’s Environment Web and relate to chapters of the State of the Environment report.

Scotland in Europe

Scotland is involved in European environmental affairs directly and through the UK government. Our data and information feeds into Europe in many ways, including to several important European Environment Agency reports and datasets.

One of these is the UK state of environment report and Scotland’s contribution can be viewed. The European Environment Agency also has many environmental indicators available to view.


Environmental Infographics and Animations

These infographics show the benefits of a healthy environment, some of the pressures affecting the environment and the impacts these have. In the animations you can also read some interesting facts behind each image.

Air Infographic (PDF)


Land Infographic (PDF)


Water Infographic (PDF)               

Scotland's Land Animation            Scotland's Water Animation