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What is the state of the environment report?

The 2014 State of the Environment Report provides an assessment of Scotland’s environment and how it is changing. It uses the most recent data available from a wide range of sources. It was written by authors from different environmental organisations, and was overseen by the Editorial Group.

The Editorial Group aims for the report to be:

  • impartial.
  • trustworthy and evidence-driven.
  • engaging, inviting and accessible.
  • open to challenge.

We hope that you will be able to find the information you need. The overall key points are provided, and there are five main chapters.

Every chapter has key messages and a range of individual topics, each covering part of the environment.

In each topic we describe the condition (state) of that part of the environment and how it is changing. We assess the pressures causing the changes and consider what is being done to solve any problems. For many of the topics, we brought together a group of specialists to summarise the state and trends, and their assessments are shown at the start of each topic. As with any scientific report, we are limited by the available evidence and as a result there may be gaps in our coverage of some environmental issues.

We have referenced all the major points by providing links to sources of information and data, so you can check the facts yourself. In some topics there are links to relevant “Discover Data” applications, where you can interrogate the data at first hand.

Each page of the report shows the date it was last reviewed and updated. We intend to keep the report current, including new data and information as they become available. The report will be comprehensively reviewed in 2016. It should be cited as Scotland’s State of the Environment Report, 2014, and the author as the Scotland's Environment Web Partnership.

We’d like your help to shape future versions of the report. Every page has a link to where you can submit comments; we encourage you to question anything you don’t understand, and challenge anything you don’t believe to be true.