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Get Interactive with data and improve understanding through analysis and visualisation tools, maps, resources and games.

Map view

Map View Search by postcode, National Grid Reference, Town or Feature in Scotland and view any combination of different environmental map layers. This data is published by a range of Scottish organisations and agencies.

Land Information Search

Interactive Map Search Land Information Search are map-based tools that allow you to search for environmental features that fall within or close by an area of your choice. You can print off a list of the identified points of interest, including the contact details of organisations that can answer any queries.

Discover data

Discover Data (1) Are you interested in Data? Improve your understanding of Scotland’s environment with new tools to view, analyse and interact with data from different sources.

Postcode search

Find out about the environment in your area with our new ‘What’s in my area’ BETA site.

Easy to use maps and graphics on:

  • Air, land and water quality
  • Getting outdoors
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Report and sort it
  • Flooding
  • and much more…

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Below is a list of resources that offer an insight to other data available across Scotland from our partners. Feel free to get in touch and let us know about any other useful resources Scotland's Environment Web can share. Select the resource image to find out more information and for a link to the resource website.

Please note that Scotland's Environment Web is not responsible for the content of the external sites.

CO2 Emission Calculator

Check the carbon emissions for your journey using our CO2 Emissions Calculator. The CO2 emissions calculator compares travel by car, bus, train and motorbike.

Visit Traffic Scotland's CO2 Emission Calculator

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Data and Maps

Are you interested in finding out more about the environment throughout Europe?

The European Environment Agency collects lots of data and provides a range of different tools to help you find, view and analyse data – including maps, interactive maps, indicators and graphs.

Visit European Environment Agency's Data and Maps

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The Government is releasing public data to help people understand how government works and how policies are made. Some of this data is already available, but data.gov.uk brings it together in one searchable website. Making this data easily available means it will be easier for people to make decisions and suggestions about government policies based on detailed information.

Visit Data.gov.uk

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Flood Extent Maps

Could the area where you live be affected by flooding?

We've made it easier for you to find out if your area could be affected by flooding from either a river or the sea.

Understanding what the probability is of a flood occurring is the first step you can take to minimise the impact a flood could have on you. SEPA's Flood Map can show you if the area where you live, work or travel through could be prone to flooding, and if it is, you can follow the links on this website to find out about how you can prepare and protect yourself, your family and your home.

Visit SEPA's Flood Extent Maps

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Forestry Commission's data download

You will be able to access and download a wide range of Forestry Commission GIS datasets. You will be asked to accept the Forestry Commission's terms of use before you can proceed to the download pages.

Datasets include:

  • National Forest Inventory
  • National Forest Estate Boundaries, Stock and Roads
  • Grants and Regulations data
  • Felling Licences
  • Scottish Native Woodlands
  • Welsh Ancient Woodlands

There is also information on how to access Forestry Commission spatial data via Web Map Services.

Visit Forestry Commission's data download

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Forestry Commission Scotland Map Viewer

The Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) Map Viewer allows you to explore and discover information about Scotland’s woodlands and forests. You can display a variety of features on the map and get detailed information about these features.

Visit Forestry Commission's Map Viewer

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Green House Gas emission impacts of spatial planning (SPACE)

SPACE is a tool to help planners make informed decisions about the greenhouse gas implications of planning policies. Planning decisions are crucial in order to build a blueprint for a low carbon future in Scotland.

Visit Scottish Government's Green House Gas emission impacts of spatial planning (SPACE)

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Greener Scotland Recycling Maps

Use our recycling services search tool to find information on your local recycling services in Scotland either by local authority or postcode search.

Visit Greener Scotland's Recycling Maps

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Interactive Habitat Network User Tool

A simple GIS mapping tool that allows a user to view habitat networks at a range of scales, and then to scenario-plan new land use options (such as woodland planting, housing development) to see their effect on connectivity and habitat function across landscapes. It’s free to use, and requires no specialist software or expertise.

Visit Scottish Natural Heritage's Interactive Habitat Network User Tool

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Interactive Map

This interactive map provides the facility to search and view information on special places and recorded species sightings in Scotland.

Visit Scottish Natural Heritage's Interactive Map

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Interactive Marine Planning Tool

This interactive tool has been designed to assist in the development of the National Marine Plan.

The tool allows you to view different types of information and where appropriate, links have been provided to the related parts of Scotland's Marine Atlas where the information is discussed in more detail. Links will also be provided to the draft National Marine Plan - the initial stage of the National Marine Plan process.

Visit the Scottish Government's Interactive Marine Planning Tool

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National Biodiversity Network

A “data warehouse” for biodiversity information, which can be quickly and easily accessed to understand the distribution of particular species in the UK. Individual records, covering plants, mammals, birds and invertebrates, are stored on the NBN Gateway and these can then be displayed on a map of the UK in a number of different ways.

Visit National Biodiversity Network

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Natural Spaces

Natural Spaces provides an online data download facility giving access to a wide range of datasets including protected areas, habitats and species, landscape, open space and access.

Visit Scottish Natural Heritage's Natural Spaces

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European Union Open Data Portal

The European Union Open Data Portal is the single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union (EU). Data are free for you to use and reuse for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

By providing easy and free access to data, the portal aims to promote their innovative use and unleash their economic potential. It also aims to help foster the transparency and the accountability of the institutions and other bodies of the EU.

Visit the European Union Open Data Portal

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Scotland's Greenspace Map

Scotland’s Greenspace Map is a world first!

No other country has mapped its greenspace in this way. The Map was compiled in 2011 from greenspace data provided by all 32 Scottish Councils. The local datasets were produced using greenspace mapping characterisation. This involved using GIS maps and aerial photography to categorise greenspaces into 23 different open space types.

Scotland’s Greenspace Map can be viewed as an interactive map and the GIS data can be downloaded by users with appropriate Ordnance Survey licence arrangements.

Visit Scotland's Greenspace Map

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Scotland's Protected Places

Use the map to discover Scotland's protected places. The search box allows you to search for a place or postcode and the filter seperates the results for historic or natural places. The number on the map represent multiple places so zoom in to drill down. You can then click on the icons in the map to find out more.

Visit Scotland's Protected Places

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Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation identifies small area concentrations of multiple deprivation across all of Scotland in a consistent way. It allows effective targeting of policies and funding where the aim is to wholly or partly tackle or take account of area concentrations of multiple deprivation.

The SIMD provides a wealth of information to help improve the understanding about the outcomes and circumstances of people living in the most deprived areas in Scotland.

Visit Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

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Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO)

The Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) collaboration is co-led by ISD Scotland and NHS Health Scotland, and includes the Glasgow Centre for Population Health, National Records of Scotland and Health Protection Scotland.

We aim to provide a clear picture of the health of the Scottish population and the factors that affect it. We contribute to improved collection and use of routine data on health, risk factors, behaviours and wider health determinants. We take a lead in determining Scotland's future public health information needs, develop innovations in public health information and provide a focus for new routine public health information development where gaps exist.

Visit Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO)

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SiteLink provides easy access to data and information on key Protected Areas across Scotland ranging from sites of local natural heritage to designations of national and international importance.

Visit Scottish Natural Heritage's SiteLink

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Weather Observations Website (WOW) - Met Office

Interested in sharing your weather observations?

Using the Weather Observations Website (WOW), we are giving all of you the chance to send us local observations of weather in your area. These observations can be ones you have recorded on specially-designed digital, scientific or wireless weather stations or just by looking out of the window or sending in a photo.

It is hoped that the website will encourage further growth in the UK's weather enthusiast observing community and help educate children about the weather and that this will become the UK's largest source of weather observations.

Visit the Met Office's Weather Observations Website (WOW)

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Zero Waste Plan Carbon Metric Calculator

The Carbon Metric Reporting System for Recycling Performance is intended to inform waste policy and to promote a reduction in the environmental impact of resource use. The Carbon Metric has been designed by the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland with input from steering committee formed from experts belonging to the Chartered Institution of Waste Management.

Visit Zero Waste Scotland's Carbon Metric Calculator

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Scottish Noise Mapping

The Scottish Government has produced these maps in response to the European Parliament and Council Directive for Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise 2002/49/EC, more commonly referred to as the Environmental Noise Directive (END). This directive deals with noise from road, rail, and air traffic, and from industry. It focuses on the impact of such noise on individuals, complementing existing EU legislation, which sets standards for noise emissions from specific sources.

The three main objectives of the Directive are as follows.

  • To determine the noise exposure of the population through noise mapping.
  • To make information available on environmental noise to the public.
  • To establish Action Plans based on the mapping results, to reduce levels where necessary, and to preserve environmental noise quality where it is good.

To embrace their responsibility to deliver the requirements of the END legislation the Scottish Government published the Environmental Noise (Scotland) Regulations 2006.The Scottish legislation describes a two round process to manage environmental noise.

Visit Scottish Noise Mapping

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