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Land Information Search (LIS)

The suite of Land Information Search tools below provides access to the presence and location of a range of environmental features and land designations. Each LIS tool enables you to search your area of interest on a map using either a point, a line, a circle, or by drawing more detailed shapes to better represent your area. The search results will highlight the presence of a range of environmental features that fall directly within your area of interest and within a buffer zone. The search results are delivered directly from Scotland's Environment Web partners, therefore ensuring the use of the most up to date published information. Please see the text below for a more detailed description of each tool.

The Land Information Search has been designed as a search tool and is not intended to be a map browser. However it does enable you to view individual data layers against your area of interest.

Land Information Search - AGRI-Environment and Forestry

LIS - AGRI-Environment and Forestry

Run a search in order to highlight the presence of a range of environmental features and designations such as Scheduled Monuments, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Native Woodlands that may fall within your area of interest and within a 500m buffer. Applicants for Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) grants (eg. AECS and FGS) and/or felling licences must take this information into account when applying for grants or licences. A copy of the Land Information Search map will not be accepted with applications for SRDP grants or felling licences.

This tool is of use to agricultural, forestry and moorland management stakeholders (e.g. landowners, agents working on behalf of land owners, public sector or industry representatives searching for information required for an Environmental Impact Assessment, Scottish Government (and other) grant funding, and also interested members of the general public.

Scottish Natural HeritageForestry Commission Scotland

Land Information Search - COMAH Environment Risk Assessment

LIS - COMAH Environment Risk Assessment

Search for data relating to any sensitive features/area/land located around a COMAH establishment for the purpose of identifying any possible sensitive receptors with respect to identified credible major accident scenarios and Source-Pathway-Receptor linkages.

This tool is useful to Operators that have duties under the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations, and consultants working on their behalf.

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