The big discussion

Youth Discussion

We've been asking young Scots what they consider to be the key issues impacting upon their environment. To help develop their ideas, they were encouraged to hold classroom discussions, participate in an online GLOW meeting and finally to consolidate their thoughts by entering a competition with the chance to win some great prizes.

Even though the competition has closed you can still contact us with your comments, ideas, questions and suggestions relating to any aspect of Scotland’s environment.

Here is a list of useful websites where you can find out more:

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Competition prizes

What were we talking about?

Public Discussion

Our online discussion took place towards the end of 2013. This discussion followed on from a series of workshops which were held around the country, where members of the public shared their views on their own environmental priorities, as well as discussing the five topics highlighted below. The findings of both the online discussion and the workshops are presented in a report that can be found here. We’ll be using these findings, together with a brand new toolkit, to help us plan further public discussions in the future.

What were we talking about?

Built environment Climate change Freshwater Land management Marine environment

Built environment

Climate change


Land management

Marine management

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