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Second level

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We can travel to school in different ways - car, bus, bicycle and on foot – the choices we make have an effect on the environment.

Traffic Scotland

Traffic Scotland - Live Cameras
Click on these links to see live traffic camera near your area. When is there more traffic? Does weather affect the amount of traffic? What might the effect of traffic be on air quality in these areas?

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a

 Scottish Air Quality

Scottish Air Quality
What is the air quality like in my area right now? Air pollution level updated hourly across Scotland.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a


Scotland's Environment - Infographics
Find out about nitrogen dioxide concentrations in your area. Nitrogen dioxide forms in air from the exhaust emissions from cars, buses, trucks and power plants. Click on the diagram to view a larger version.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a
Transport Scotland

Transport Scotland - Map Application
Transport Scotland carry out traffic counts every day. Find out how many cars use major roads in your area. Type your town or area into the search bar at the bottom.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a
SCN 2-20b

 Traffic Scotland


Traffic Scotland - Information Maps
Location of Transport Scotland’s traffic cams


Scotrail - Journey Timetables
Maps and timetables for ScotRail.

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Junior Road Safety Officer - Education Packs
Education packs from Road Safety Scotland – includes surveys and lesson ideas.


WWF - Footprint Calendar
Do you get driven to school? Do you go on lots of holiday? Does your family recycle? Find out if your lifestyle affects the environment.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a
SCN 2-04b


TOBA - Networked Learning Communities - Traffic Survey
Find out more about the traffic in your area and its effects by carrying out a survey. This survey from Lancashire Grid for Learning is a good place to start. If you are surveying different areas/streets remember to ensure it is a fair test.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a
SCN 2-20b
BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize - Development of Transport
Find out about the development of transport, starting with the Victorian era.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a


Sustrans - Resources
Resources for teachers and parents from Sustrans.

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council - Activities and Lesson Plans
Resources about traffic and transport from Cornwall County Council


RNLI - Lifeboat Lab

Find out about boats and transport on water from the RNLI.

 Eco Schools

Eco-Schools - How has transport use changed over time?

Find out more using this lesson plan from Translink

  Learning Outcomes: SCN 2-04b
SOC 2-09a



BBC NI - On the Move
A series of videos from BBC NI about transport and traffic and changes over time.

  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a