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Useful links - Transport


Where can I go cycling? Here are some ideas from Sustrans

Information for teachers and parents about cycling safely to school

Queensferry Crossing Find out about the new Queensferry Crossing on the River Forth
  Learning Outcomes: SCN 0-20a
SCN 1-20a
SOC 4-09b

Transport Scotland What is happening right now at the new Queensferry Crossing? Look at these webcams to find out more
  Learning Outcomes: SCN 2-20a
SCN 2-20b
SOC 4-09b

JRSO Information for teachers about the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme from Road Safety Scotland. Includes competitions, lesson ideas and resources
  Learning Outcomes: SOC 2-09a

Think Education Road safety resources for teachers from the UK Department for Transport.

STV News articles about public transport fuelled by hydrogen fuel cells. What are possible consequences for the environment? Are there any negative issues associated with them?
  Learning Outcomes: H.ES.Sustainability 3 d
SCN 4-10b
SCN 3-20b
SCN 4-20b

Scottish Government Report from the Scottish Government: “Carbon Scotland: Meeting the Emissions Reduction Targets 2010-2022: The Report on Proposals and Policies”. This section focuses on transport. Do you think Scotland is on course to meet these targets? What more could be done? Can you see evidence across Scotland of these changes happening?
  Learning Outcomes: H.ES.Sustainability 3 d

Love Food Hate Waste Information about food production, waste and ways of reducing waste from WRAP
  Learning Outcomes: N5.ES.Sustainability 2 f

Friends Of The Earth Scotland Where are Scotland’s most polluted streets? What causes this pollution? This article from Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning organisation. Where does their data come from? Who is the report written for?
  Learning Outcomes: N5.GEO.Global Issues 2.1

BBC This news article about polluted streets blames particularly diesel vehicles. Use this article alongside the data from http://www.scottishairquality.co.uk/ . Are these areas still the most polluted? What factors are causing this? What are local and national governments doing to address this?
  Learning Outcomes: N5.GEO.Global Issues 2.1

Lord Grey School Resource pack about transport and air quality from Manchester Metropolitan University

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