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Report an Invasive Non-Native Species


Non-native species are animals or plants that have been introduced (deliberately or accidentally) by human activity into an area in which they do not naturally occur. Invasive non-native species (INNS), sometimes referred to as 'invasive alien species', are those non-native species that have the ability to spread rapidly and become dominant in an area or ecosystem, causing adverse ecological, environmental and economic impacts. Some INNS can also affect human health.

It is important to remember that, while there are over 900 non-native species in Scotland, only a minority become invasive, but these few can have serious negative impacts.

In Scotland, it is illegal to release, plant or allow to spread any non-native species into the wild.

We need information on where invasive non-native species occur, especially new arrivals in Scotland, to support management including biosecurity and, in some cases, eradication. Through this site, we would like to encourage the submission of records on the most concerning and damaging invasive non-native species.

Highest alert Invasive Non-Native Species for Scotland

Report a non-native species

We welcome any reports of invasive non-native species in Scotland. In particular, we would encourage the submission of reports for any of the priority non-native species in the photos above. If you think you have seen one of these, click on the button below to go to the recording form.

Non-native species of concern

Some non-native species are of particular concern due to their ability to invade and on account of the ecological or economic damage that can result if they establish. To find out more about some of the non-native species of greatest concern for Scotland, click on the button below.

What will happen to my report?

When you submit a report to this portal on Scotland's Environment Web, we send it straight to the iRecord website. iRecord is a website for sharing wildlife observations, including associated photos. To find out more about what will happen to any report that you submit, click on the button below.